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Purple Criminal Bundle: Free Fire has now been released. Purple Criminal is another old and rare bundle. After 3 years, this bundle is returned to Free Fire. So, if you want to get Purple Criminal Bundle in your Free Fire account, just follow the steps below.

Criminal Royale began on October 12 and will end on October 25. It means you have 13 days to get the rare Free Fire bundle. This royale, however, is not limited to the Purple Criminal.

The following are the rewards for Criminal Royale:

  • Top Criminal (Purple)
  • Magic Cube
  • Crack of Dawn (Top)
  • Crack of Dawn (Bottom)
  • MP5-Blood Red
  • M14-Silver Bullet
  • VSS-Metallic
  • M249-Fire Bones
  • Spikey Spines Backpack
  • Pan-Watermelon
  • Sports Car-Bolly Party
  • Skyboard-Island Life

According to Garena Free Fire, this is an exclusive launch for Light Fest. It denotes the release of this criminal bundle royale to commemorate the Free Fire Diwali event. However, this bundle is not free. So you can’t get it by completing Free Fire in-game missions. Purple Criminal Bundle can be obtained by spending diamonds here.

Steps How to get Purple Criminal Bundle from Criminal Royale

1. Open the Free Fire Royale section.

2. In the left royale menu list, select Criminal Royale.

3. For one spin, use 40 diamonds.

4. For 5 spins, use 180 diamonds.

5. Once claimed, the bundle will be added to your vault section.

There are two ways to obtain the Purple Criminal. You have several spin options. However, in my experience, spinning with 180 diamonds increases your chances of winning the grand prize Purple Criminal bundle. You can save 20 diamonds per spin when playing 5 spins with 180 diamonds.

However, there is no guaranteed rare item system in place for this criminal royale. So you’re not sure how many diamonds you’ll need. However, if your Free Fire account is new, say between one and two months old, you have a better chance of receiving the Purple Criminal bundle for a low cost of diamonds.

Instead, you should look into all of the Free Fire Diwali rewards that are entirely free. If you want to get free bundles during Diwali, check out the Light Fest Diwali event calendar.

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